Doadór / Donors

JSMP nia servisu hetan apoiu husi doadór internasionál sira desde tinan 2001, nomós Fundus Sosiedade Sivíl husi Governu Timor-Leste nian hosi tinan 2015. Aleinde ne’e, ami sente orgullu tebes tanba iha voluntáriu internasionál no nasionál sira barak ne’ebé servisu hamutuk ho JSMP desde insísiu. Hamutuk, JSMP bele fó kontribuisaun importante ba dezenvolvimentu kontinua iha setór justisa iha Timor-Leste.

JSMP’s work has been supported by various international donors since 2001 as well as the Civil Society Fund of the Timor-Leste Government since 2015. We are also grateful for the many international and national volunteers who have worked with JSMP over the years. Together, JSMP has been able to contribute to the continuing development of the justice sector in Timor-Leste.

     Doadores atuais
     Current’s donor

  • The Asia Foundation
  • DFAT liuhusi Programa Nabilan
  • Embaixada Nova Zelandia liuhusi Programa Apoiu Seguransa Komunitáriu (PASK)
  • UNDP-KOICA ‘’Hamutuk ba Igualidade’’
  • Spotlight Initiative “Accelerating to Justice Project” (Founded by European Commission)
  • USAID Timor-Leste NGO Advocacy for Good Governance Activity liuhusi Counterpart International
  • Embaixada Norwegia liuhusi HIVOS
  • Friends against Domestic Violence in Timor-Leste Inc













                                                  Doadores anteriores                     
                                                       Previous donor  

  • The Asia Foundation’s “Trafficking in persons data collection and public outreach” Program (funded by the Australian Government
  • The Asia Foundation’s Nabilan Program (funded by the Australian Government
  • The Asia Foundation’s “The Community Policing Support Program (CPSP) (funded by the New Zealand Government)
  • DFAT liuhusi GfD Justice in Timor-Leste through Community Training, Judicial and Legislative Monitoring Program (funded by the Australian Government)
  • HIVOS “Facilitating Women and Children’s Access to Justice in Timór-Leste Program (Founded by Norway Government)
  • Fundu Apoiu Sosiedade Sivíl  husi Gabinete Primeiru Ministru, Governu Timór-Leste
  • Irish Embassy liuhusi “Programa Past Human Rights Violation’’
  • New Zealand Embassy liuhusi ‘’Diplomacy Training Program
  • Embaixada Norwegia &

















  • CEPAD “To contribute to improving women’s engagement in demanding greater transparency & accountability in government response to the Covid-19 through a meaningful right of access to information” (Founded by European Commission)
  • US EMBASSY liuhusi UMA AMERICA, Kombate Trafiku Umanu
  • USAID liuhusi The Asia Foundation ‘’Prevensaun Trafiku Umanu’’
  • USAID liuhusi Counterpart International ‘’Programa ba Distritu”
  • Friends against Domestic Violence in Timor-Leste Inc
  • Plan International
  • Embaixada Canada, Jakarta-Indonesia
  • Embaixada Finlandia
  • Justice Facility
























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