Servisu atu garante justisa ba ema hotu

Working to guarantee justice for all




JSMP fahe informasaun kona-ba Asesu ba Justisa Formál ba iha estrutura no komunidade Aldeia Camalpun, Suku Lihu, Ermera

Iha 07 Marsu 2024, JSMP fahe informasaun kona-ba asesu ba justisa formál ba estrutura aldeia no komunidade, iha Aldeia Camalpun Suku Lihu, Postu.. Read More →

Estrutura Aldeia Oemolo, Oekusi, simu informasaun kona-ba Prosesu Justisa Formál hosi JSMP

Iha 22 Fevereiru 2024, JSMP kontinua realiza dezaminasaun informasaun kona-ba asesu ba justisa formál ba estrutura Aldeia no mós komunidade sira iha aldeia.. Read More →

Problema abandona família sai preokupasaun komunidade Aldeia Lebudu, Ermera, iha atividade dezamina informasaun JSMP nian

Iha 08 Marsu 2024, JSMP dezamina informasaun ba Autoridade Lokal sira no komunidade sira hosi Aldeia Lebudu, Suku Deleso, Postu Administrativu Railako, Munisípiu.. Read More →
Monitoring National Parliament

Observe the National Parliament’s Activities with JSMP’s Parliament Watch Project (PWP). Find out what our representatives have done during the week and give your ideas on their compliance with their obligations!

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Give your ideas

Give your ideas for our Justice System, give your suggestions to JSMP and participate in a poll!

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JSMP’s new Reports

Read JSMP’s new Overview Justice Sector 2016, Parliament Monitoring Report 2016 and Institutional Report 2016 also the Thematic Report on Battered women and self-deference in Timor-Leste, and The Thematic Report on State of Legal Aid in Timor Leste.

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