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The Sixth Constitutional Government must ensure judicial independence and the separation of powers Posted Feb 18, 2015 By jsmp

On this day, 16 February 2015, Timor-Leste wrote a new page in its history in the process of building and strengthening the sovereign State with

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Tribunál Distritál Baucau aplika pena úniku tinan 13 fulan 6 prizaun ba arguidu krime omisídiu simples Posted Feb 12, 2015 By jsmp

Iha 11 Fevereiru 2015, Tribunál Distritál Baucau prezide leitura sentensa no kondena arguidu Mateus Ximenes ho pena tinan 13 fulan 6 prizaun hosi pena tinan

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Tribunál Distritál Díli kondena pena prizaun tinan 16 ba arguidu kazu krime tráfiku ho ema no violasaun seksuál Posted Feb 12, 2015 By jsmp

Iha 05 Fevereiru 2015, Tribunál Distrital Díli kondena arguidu BDS ba kazu krime tráfiku ho ema no violasaun seksuál ho pena tinan 16 iha prizaun.

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Court applies order to periodically report to authorities during period of suspended sentence in case of domestic violence Posted Feb 06, 2015 By jsmp

On 27 January 2015 the Dili District Court sentenced a defendant to 6 months in prison, suspended for 1 year 6 months, and also issued

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Eraulo Village in Ermera District received training on access to formal justice for the first time Posted Jan 19, 2015 By jsmp

On 15 January 2015 the Judicial System Monitoring Programme (JSMP) facilitated training on “justice for all” for community members in Eraulo Village, Letefoho, Ermera District.

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